'Fully Reversible' Forward Madison 2021 Alternate Kit Released

Forward Madison's new 2021 alternate shirt was released yesterday. It is made by Hummel and will be worn in the next USL League One season.

Forward Madison 2021 Pride Kit Released

Forward Madison Hummel 2021 Alternate Kit

This is the Forward Madison 2021 alternate football shirt, made by Hummel.

The Hummel Forward Madison 2021 alternate football shirt is a two-shirt-in-one. It is fully reversible with two different design for each side.

One side is pink with graphics of flamingo and sunset islands printed all-over. Black is used for small details and the chevrons on the shoulders.

The reversed side is black with small all-over flamingos pattern in pink The chevrons are black with pink outlines.

In the back there is a pink Roman numeral 'DCVIII' which is '608' in standard numeral. This is the area code of the city of Madison.

Made by Hummel. Do you like Forward Madison's alternate jersey? Comment below.