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Jô Fined By Corinthians For Wearing Green Boots

Corinthians have issued a fine for their forward Jô for violating their policy of no green equipment.

If you're unaware of this policy, Corinthians have a fierce rivalry with Palmeiras, to a point that they ban any green colour on their kits or any players' equipment.

Jô Fined For Wearing Green Mercurial Vapor XIV

The fans were not pleased with Corinthians drawing 0-0 against Bahia. To make matters worse, their forward Jô was seen playing in the latest green 'Impulse Pack' Mercurial Vapor XIV.

They make their noise heard on social media and Corinthians have decided to fine Jô for breaching the strict policy of no green equipment.

Jô has since come out and made a statement regarding this incident: "I would like to clarify that I would never wear a green boot, for my history with Corinthians, which is the club I love and know since I was little would not to disrespect the fans and the club’s tradition."

"The boots were turquoise blue, this generated an unnecessary controversy, so I want to apologise to everyone. I would never disrespect Corinthians, let alone the fans!"

This is not the first time the colour green irritated Corinthians and their fans either. Back in 2012, when the club participated in the Club World Cup, they refused to have the logo of FIFA's Football For Hope project at the time simply because it has green in it.

What do you make of Corinthians no green policy? Tell us down in the comment.