KV Mechelen 21-22 Home, Away, Third & Fourth Kits Released

Belgian First Division A club KV Mechelen have unveiled their new 2021-22 home, away, third and fourth kits.

KV Mechelen 2021-2022 Home Jersey

Check out Errea's KV Mechelen 21-22 home jersey below.

The Errea KV Mechelen 21-22 home jersey features a striped design which are in red and yellow. The red stripes have geometric graphic printed on.

A silhouette of the city of Mechelen is subtly printed down the hem of the shirt.

Inside the collar read the major trophies that KV Mechelen won throughout their history: 4 domestic league titles, 2 Belgian Cup, 1 European Cup Winner Cup and 1 European Super Cup.

The logo of the club is at the centre of the shirt while Errea logo is on the left chest.

The shorts of the KV Mechelen 2021-2022 uniform are black.

Errea KV Mechelen 21-22 Away Shirt

This is the KV Mechelen 2021-22 away jersey, made by Errea.

White is the main colour for the Errea KV Mechelen 21-22 away shirt with black used for the cuffs and collar.

At the centre of the shirt placed a large vertical black stripe with two thinner red and yellow ones in the middle.

Small bubble graphic can be found on the stripes and the shoulders in either black or white.

Errea KV Mechelen 2021-22 Third Kit

This is the KV Mechelen 2021-2022 third football shirt, made by Errea.

The Errea KV Mechelen 2021-22 third shirt is overall black with thin diagonal stripes which are in grey.

KV Mechelen Errea 21-22 Fourth Shirt

This is the new Errea KV Mechelen fourth jersey for 2021-2022.

The Errea KV Mechelen 2021-2022 fourth football shirt has a simpler design compare to the above three shirts. It is red with grey for the cuffs and collar.

Logos and sponsors placement stays the same as other jerseys.

Made by Errea. Do you like KV Mechelen's home, away, third and fourth jerseys? Comment below.