Special MLS Juneteenth Kit Numbers Revealed

North American Major League Soccer recognizes Juneteenth – the effective end of slavery in the United States – with a series of initiatives that celebrate freedom.

The efforts are in collaboration with Black Players for Change (BPC), an organization of Black MLS players, coaches and staff seeking to increase inclusion in soccer that was established on Juneteenth 2020.

MLS Teams Wear Special Numbers to Recognize Juneteenth

The MLS Juneteenth jersey numbers have a bold, empowering and visually-attractive sharp-line red, black and green pattern, inspired by Black culture and symbolize ancestry, liberation and cultural vibrancy.

The Juneteenth-inspired numbers on the jerseys of all players competing during the weekend of June 18-20 were designed by Indianapolis native Israel Solomon in collaboration with MLS and Black Players for Change.

The letters don't fit the styleWhat is a bit bad is that only the numbers have the special design - the player names come with the - unfitting - usual design.

“This league-wide recognition is a wonderful celebration of freedom made possible by our deep collaboration with Black Players for Change,” said MLS Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Office Sola Winley in a league release.

“When approached with the opportunity to design the Juneteenth-inspired numbers, I wanted to use this platform to educate within a work of art,” said Solomon. “After collaborating with MLS and BPC, their clear vision to use this piece as a means to celebrate and educate led to the creation of something that was bold, prideful and visually attractive.”

The match-worn jerseys will be sold in a limited-edition box

There is also a Juneteenth limited-edition jersey packaging that pays homage to Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass. The imagery reinforces the message that Black players in MLS are standing tall because they stand on the shoulders of the freedom fighters who came before them.

The game-worn jerseys from each team and their commemorative boxes are set to be auctioned off in three phases from June 21-July 19.

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