Walsall FC 21-22 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Released

We have kit news from the League Two as the new Errea Walsall FC 2021-22 home, away, third and goalkeeper jerseys were released today.

Errea Walsall FC 2021-2022 Home Shirt

This is the new Errea Walsall FC home football shirt for 2021-22.

The Errea Walsall FC 21-22 jersey is in red with green shoulders and a white stripe running across the logos on the chest. The sleeves are red with green cuffs.

Inside the collar are the nickname of the club, "The Saddlers", and the flag of the Black Country which are also featured in the away and third kits as well.

White shorts and green and red socks complete the new Errea Walsall FC 2021-22 home kit.

Walsall FC 2021-2022 Away Jersey

This is the Walsall FC 2021-2022 away shirt, made by Errea.

Green is the main colour for the Errea Walsall FC 2021-22 away jersey. The colour red is used for cuffs and collar.

Down at the bottom of the shirts is a unique white bubble pattern.

Errea combines the Walsall FC 2021-22 away football shirt with green shorts and red socks.

Walsall FC Errea 2021-2022 Third Shirt

Check out Errea's Walsall FC 2021-2022 third jersey below.

Errea uses white as the background for the Errea Walsall FC 21-22 third football shirt. It has green and red details on the shoulder as well as cuffs and collar.

As a tribute to their season ticket holders, Walsall decides to include their supporters name on the front of the shirt.

Either green or red shorts will be used depending on the opposition's uniform.

Errea Walsall FC 2021-22 Goalkeeper Jersey

This is the new Errea Walsall FC goalkeeper shirt for 21-22.

Despite Walsall claiming on the website that the Errea Walsall FC 2021-2022 goalkeeper jersey would be slightly different to the away strips with red trims on shoulders and a white collar, the picture shown on the club's Twitter is the exact away jersey.

Reason for this might be that the goalkeeper jersey are not ready just yet. It is still odd for Walsall to just straight up use the away shirt for the goalkeeper photoshoot.

More information regarding the away and third goalkeeper the Errea Walsall FC 21-22 goalkeeper jersey are also revealed.

The away shirt is pink with a black bubble pattern on the top corner and a white bubble pattern on the bottom corner. Pink shorts and black socks complete the away goalkeeper shirt.

The third goalkeeper top is predominantly black with a red collar and trim on the shoulders.

Walsall CEO Stefan Gamble “We are delighted to be able to unveil our new home and away kits for the 2021-22 season,”

“We thank our Official Technical Partners Errea for their hard work in creating these new kit designs in what has been a very challenging year [...] We look forward to the new season with much anticipation with a new management team in place and now our smart new playing kits.”

What's your verdict on the Walsall FC home, away, third and goalkeeper kits made by Errea? Comment below.