Ajax to Join Adidas Elite Tier?

Update: Last summer, Dutch media reported that Adidas would join Adidas' top tier of football clubs. As of early 2022, Ajax still get the same treatment as B Teams.

We can not confirm that Ajax will become an A teamAjax are wearing Aeroready "replica" kitsIn contrast to Adidas' A Teams (Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United & Real Madrid), Ajax have not received new pre-match jerseys for Spring 2022. The club do also wear AEROREADY kits.

We can NOT confirm that Ajax will be an Adidas A team in the 2022-23 season. If so, they would receive a HEAT.RDY kit. So far, we have no info that the club will get "Authentic" kits.

17 July 2021: Local Media Reports| Ajax Join Adidas Elite Tier

Ajax are now part of the prestigious Adidas 'Elite' tier of sponsorships, alongside the likes of Bayern Munich, Juventus and Real Madrid, according to reports in local media.

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The club's recent success and extremely popular kit launches prompted Adidas to elevate Ajax's status to the top tier.

For now, this means that Ajax will receive highly bespoke kits - as seen with the current 21-22 range. In addition to that, Adidas will take care of distribution and Ajax's shirts will be sold in all major Adidas-run stores worldwide.

The brand-new Ajax 21-22 home kit, featuring the historic club crest, has proven to be a huge success already. Sports marketer Chris Woerts confirmed as much when speaking on tv program De Oranjezomer: "More than 10,000 shirts have been sold on Thursday alone. They can't be dragged on and that's why they are bringing extra shirts.".

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"Ajax belongs to the tier one clubs, together with Juventus, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich . That means that the shirt is now sold everywhere worldwide. In every Adidas store."

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It remains to be seen whether we will see 'proper' authentic Ajax shirts in the future, based on the 'HEAT.RDY' model, which features a unique cut and material.

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There's no confirmation in either way yet, but it's worth noting that it took more than a year for the HEAT.RDY Boca Juniors jerseys to arrive. Something similar could happen with Ajax, too, so stay tuned for updates as the season progresses.

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Are Ajax a deserved part of the Elite tier? Do you think we'll see HEAT.RDY kits to hit the market soon? Comment below.