Exclusive: Chelsea 22-23 Third Kit Info Leaked

We can leak the first details on Chelsea FC's 22-23 third strip. It will be launched in more than one year's time, in August 2022.

More than one year ahead of the release, it is not 100% confirmed that Chelsea's 2022-2023 'Champions League' jersey will combine these colors, but everything we know suggests it.

Chelsea 2022-23 Third Kit

This is the Chelsea FC 2022-2023 third jersey, made by Nike.

The Nike Chelsea 2022-2023 third jersey combined a black base with golden used for logos.

Orange detailing will likely add a special touch to the shirtOrange detailing round off the Nike Chelsea 2022-2023 third football shirt likely.

There is also a chance that the kit is mainly gold, combined with black and orange.

Umbro Chelsea 2005-06 Keeper shirt & black Chelsea shirts of the 2000s / early 2010s

Chelsea has had many black player alternative jerseys in its history, Many were combined with silver but none except Umbro's 2005-06 Keeper shirt were combined with golden logos.

Nothing about the exact design of the Chelsea 22-23 third kit is known yet.

The Chelsea 22-23 third uniform will be launched in August 2022.

Nike Chelsea 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

Chelsea 22-23 Away Kit Leaked

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