Chelsea 22-23 Third Kit Leaked - FIFA 23 Leak Shared By Club

Update: Chelsea have revealed their gold third kit with a short video of the team wearing it on FIFA 23 - it was leaked on the video game first. The kit has been removed from FIFA 23, meanwhile.

The club also revealed that the launch date: October 6, 2022. This is much later than planned due to production and delivery problems.

Chelsea Share FIFA 23 Leak of 22-23 Third Kit

Chelsea 22-23 Third Kit to Be Released October 6 2022

Update: We can leak two new pictures of the Nike Chelsea 2022-2023 third kit. It is set to be released this or next month. Thanks to P F J.

Update: The various leaks of the Chelsea 22-23 third kit have been confirmed thanks to pictures and videos from the early-access phase of FIFA 23. Thanks to dubj and NonoLoko10. While the shirt design has been known for a while, it's interesting to see that the socks of the Chelsea 2022-2023 third uniform are white.

Update: We can leak new pictures of the Nike Chelsea 2022-23 third kit (thanks to PFJ). It will be launched in August/September 2022.

As usual, the Chelsea 2022-23 third jersey will be the club's last of the three main shirts to be released, likely again in September. It will be accompanied by a full collection of similar colors.

Chelsea 2022-23 Third Kit

This picture shows a recreation (FIFA Kit Creator) of the Chelsea FC 2022-2023 third jersey, made by Nike.

The Nike Chelsea 2022-2023 third jersey combines a 'Sesame' (gold) base with black and orange.

Orange detailing appears on the sleeve cuffsIt's a very basic design without any fancy graphics or patterns. The only detailing appears in the form of the rear collar panel as well as the sleeve cuffs, which are black with orange.

Gold shorts and white socks, featuring a black-orange-black hoop, complete the Nike Chelsea 22-23 third kit.

Chelsea 22-23 Third Pre-Match Shirt

Chelsea 22-23 Champions League Pre-Match Shirt Leaked - Features Leaked 3rd Kit Colors

The Chelsea 22-23 third uniform launches on October 6, 2022.

Nike Chelsea 22-23 Home Kit Leaked

Chelsea 22-23 Away Kit Leaked

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