Closer Look At Nike Phantom GT 2 Upper - More Than Just A Simple Redesign

Nike has brought a couple of changes to improve the upper of the Phantom GT line. Although one is much more subtle than the other.

Changes Made For The New Nike Phantom GT 2 Upper

The obvious redesign that Nike put on the new GT 2 is to the grippy texture, or 'Generative Texture' as labelled. The first GT has a pronounced, strategically placed fins around the upper.

This is no longer the case for its' predecessor as the new texture is very much resembles to the one found on the old Phantom VSN 2. This 'new' raised patterning makes it look like Nike is tracing back their steps rather than moving forward in terms of design.

What Nike doesn't state on the description of the Phantom GT 2 is that they have a stiffer upper compare to the previous generation.

Take a look at the picture below at how the entire upper of the original GT folded as there is pressure put on the toe box area. This is not the case for the Phantom GT 2 as the overall structure remains in shape with the same test.

This should ensure a more secure fit and better lockdown for the boots.

What are your thoughts of the re-engineered upper of the new Nike Phantom GT 2? Comment below.