Everton 21-22 Home & Goalkeeper Kits Released

Everton and Hummel just launched the new 2021-22 home kit, which introduces a subtle dazzle camo design.

Everton 21-22 Home Kit

This is Hummel Everton 2021-22 home shirt.

As expected from the teaser released the evening before, the Hummel Everton 2021-2022 home jersey boasts a subtle dazzle camo pattern.

The design of the Everton 2021-22 home shirt is inspired by Liverpool's role in painting Brtain's naval ships with the bold dazzle-camo livery during the First World War. The graphics were used to disguise the vessel's size, speed, distance and direction.

The pattern only appears on the front of the Everton 21-22 shirt, while the sleeves and back are solid blue. Another standout feature is the yellow trim, which can be found on the collar and sleeve cuffs.

White shorts and socks, the former featuring a similar pattern, complete the Everton 21-22 home kit.

Everton 21-22 Goalkeeper Home Kit

This is the new Everton 2021-2022 keeper home shirt, by Hummel.

Launched fro pre-order on July 9th, 2021, the Everton 2021-2022 home and goalkeeper home shirts are available online, retailing at £60.00.

Made by Hummel. What do you think of Everton's new home and keeper jerseys? Comment below.