Kappa Venezia FC 21-22 Serie A Branding Revealed

It should be only a matter of days until we will get the first look at the Kappa Venezia 21-22 Serie A kits. Now Diego Moscosoni of New York City design agency has shared images of Venezia FC's 21-22 branding.

Fly Nowhere has also designed the club's yet-to-be-released 21-22 kitsFly Nowhere not only created Venezia's 21-22 branding but will also design the Venezia FC 2021-2022 kits in cooperation with Kappa.

Design Agency Fly Nowhere Gives First Look At Venezia FC's 21-22 Visual Identity

For the 21-22 season, Venezia FC will use their regular logo and a special icon made up of the famous winged lion.

The Lion of Venice is not only featured in the club's crest. It is an ancient bronze winged lion sculpture in the Piazza San Marco of Venice, Italy, which came to symbolize the city.

Another trademark Venezia FC thing is the 'Venezia FC' writing, which will likely feature on the front of the kits instead of a regular sponsor logo. This has been the case in the Serie B, at least.

Other brandings created include matchday graphics such as a line-up design.

Kappa Venezia FC 21-22 Serie A - Special Venezia Icon Logo

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