Newell's Old Boys 2021 Home Kit Released

Newell's Old Boys' new 2021 home kit was released today. It is made by Umbro and will be worn in the next Liga Argentina season.

Newell's Old Boys Umbro 2021 Home Shirt

Check out Umbro's Newell's Old Boys 2021 home shirt below.

The Umbro Newell's Old Boys 2021 home football shirt is a tribute to the 1991 uniform when the club won the league that season. Like previous shirts, it features a half black, half red design.

The body is black on the left and red on the other side. Meanwhile the reverse is applied on the sleeves.

The Umbro logo and diamond patterns are found on the cuffs with colours contrasting the sleeves.

Black and red also alternate on the V-collar, splitting it into four different sections.

A couple of details mentioned the 1991 triumph. The tag "En homenaje a la gesta del 91" (In homage to the feat of 91) is down in the bottom left corner.

Meanwhile on the back, the phrase "Sangre Leprosa" (Lepers Blood) is under the collar.

Black shorts and black socks complete the new Umbro Newell's Old Boys 2021 home kit.

Made by Umbro. Do you like or not like Newell's Old Boys' home shirt? Comment below.