Weird PSG 21-22 Away Champions League Font Released

Update: After Messi's move to Paris Saint-Germain was officialized yesterday, we also got a first look at the the club's new front three. Coincidentally, we noticed PSG's cup numbers for the away jersey again, and Messi's number 30 makes the font look even more abnormal.

Yesterday's launch of the new Paris Saint-Germain 21-22 away kit also gave us a first look at the exclusive new font that it will be paired with in the UEFA Champions League next season.

PSG 21-22 Away Kit Released

PSG 21-22 Away Champions League Font

This picture shows the new font on the Neymar shirt.

The numbers are black with pink lines running trough the center as well as a pink border, with the PSG crest sitting at the bottom.

In terms of design, the numbers sacrifice readability for 'style' - they are overly thin and feature weird rectangular corners.

This font will of course only be used in the Champions League, while the standard league font will be worn in Ligue 1. The home kit will feature yet another different font, this time inspired by the 1990s Chicago Bulls' uniforms.

Jordan PSG 21-22 Kit Font Released - Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Inspired

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