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Real Betis 21-22 Away & Third Kits Released

The new Betis 2021-2022 third kit was released today after the away was launched exactly one month ago. Both releases confirm previous leaks.

They could be the last Betis kits to be made by Kappa in what will be the brand's last year with the club. Betis are currently negotiating with other suppliers, as per the report.

Real Betis 21-22 Away Kit

This is the Real Betis 2021-22 away football shirt, made by Kappa.

The Kappa Betis 2021-22 away jersey is blue with a subtle print on the front and white accents on the collar and in the form of panels on the sides.

The side panels feature Kappa's iconic banda in green, matching the color of the sleeve cuffs.

The blue color of the Kappa Betis 2021-2022 away football shirt pays homage to Sevilla Balompié, which was the club's name in the early years of its existence.

Blue shorts and white socks complete the kit.

Available since July 28th, 2021, the Real Betis 21-22 away shirt retails at €78.

Real Betis 21-22 Third Kit

Check out Kappa's Real Betis 2021-2022 third jersey below.

The Kappa Real Betis 2021-2022 third football shirt is gold with dark green accents and logos.

The standout feature of the Kappa Real Betis 2021-22 third football shirt is a dotted graphic on the sleeves in dark green. The logos on the front are also dark green, including a monochrome club badge.

The Real Betis 2021-2022 third shirt gets combined with green shorts and green socks, both featuring golden accents.

Available since August 28th, 2021, the Real Betis 21-22 third jersey retails at €78.

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