Replica Manchester United 21-22 Home Kit Lacks Important Design Elements

Just as all other Adidas Elite Team kits, the new Manchester United 2021-2022 home kit is available in two versions - "authentic" and "replica". Let us compare the "Player Issue" with the "Fan" version.

Adidas Manchester United 21-22 Home Kit - Authentic (Player Issue) vs Replica (Fan Version)

A direct comparison immediately reveals that both uniforms have important differences. They look very different because of three things - the design, the cut, and the logos.

First, the replica comes without the subtle stripes. The subtle vertical stripes are being applied to the authentic shirt via the fabric.

Second, the replica comes with a standard crew neck collar without any detail. The authentic shirt has an engineering/ extra detail to the collar.

Some of the details are also part of the replica - the words ‘youth, courage and success' in the inner-collar and the god devil on the back under the collar.

Other differences between the authentic and replica Man Utd 2021-22 kits are the same as for all other Adidas teams.

The authentic has heat-transfer logos and HEAT.RDY technology, while the replica has stitched logos and AEROREADY technology. Fitting is also different, slim for the "Player Issue" and loose for the "Fan Version".

The authentic kit costs you around €140, while the replica costs you €77.

What do you think of the replica lacing the sublimated stripes? Comment below.