Some Premier League 21-22 Shorts Are Unbelievably Expensive

If you are thinking about kitting you out exactly like the pros of the best English Premier League teams, you will have to dig deep into your pockets.

2021-22 Premier League Shorts Prices - Nike Authentic Very Expensive

The Nike authentic shorts for the new Chelsea & Tottenham 21-22 home kit retail at 65 GBP, while Liverpool's are available for 60 GBP.

Adidas is 20 GBP cheaper than Nike

What is outstanding is that Adidas is selling the Arsenal 21-22 home authentic shorts for just 43 GBP, around 20 GBP less than Nike. The replica Arsenal shorts retail at 30 GBP.

All of the Nike teams have replica shorts available for 30-35 GBP. Manchester United is only selling the replica shorts (35 GBP).

Most small teams only sell / have one version of their kit

In contrast to the shorts, there is just one version of the socks available for all those teams - the socks retail at around 15 GBP.

Meanwhile, most smaller Premier League teams are only having one type of football shirt, shorts and socks. There are no Replica / Elite versions.

Authentic kits retail at ~100 GBP, replica at ~65 GBPAston Villa is selling both replica and pro versions of their 2021-2022 home kit. However, the Pro shorts are only slightly more expensive than the replica (32 GBP vs 40 GBP). The Pro kit costs 90 GBP, the replica 57 GBP.

2021-22 Premier League Kits - Shorts Prices

  • Chelsea: 65 GBP (Elite) / 35 GBP (Replica)
  • Tottenham: 65 GBP (Elite) / 35 GBP (Replica)
  • Liverpool: 60 GBP (Elite) / 30 GBP (Replica)
  • Manchester City: 45 GBP (Authentic) / 35 GBP (Replica)
  • Arsenal: 43 GBP (Authentic) / 30 GBP (Replica)
  • Newcastle United: 38 GBP
  • Manchester United: Authentic not available / 35 GBP
  • Leicester City: 32 GBP
  • Aston Villa: 40 GBP (Pro) / 30 GBP (Replica)
  • Southampton: 25 GBP

The 2021-22 Premier League Adidas, Puma, and Nike authentic kits cost 100 (Arsenal, Liverpool), 105 (Chelsea & Tottenham), 110 GBP (Manchester City), the replica are available for 65-75 GBP.

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