Viktoria Plzeň 21-22 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

We have kit news from Czech First League today as Viktoria Plzeň have launched their new Macron 21-22 home, away and third shirts today.

FC Viktoria Plzeň 2021-2022 Home Kit

Check out Macron's Viktoria Plzeň 2021-22 home jersey below.

The Macron Viktoria Plzeň 2021-2022 football shirt boasts a rough look in the club's classic blue and red colors.

It is mainly blue with a chunky vertical stripe in red running down the center, with the words 110 LET FC VIKTORIA PLZEŇ (110 years of FC Viktoria Plzeň) printed repeatedly inside the stripe. The red stripe also has a worn-effect graphic in blue applied to it, adding a vintage feel to the shirts.

The rear of the collar features the letters FCVP (Football Club Viktoria Plzeň), printed in white.

A special 110-years FCVP logo was added by the club in the center.

Viktoria Plzeň 2021-2022 Away Shirt

This is the Viktoria Plzeň 2021-22 away shirt, made by Macron.

The Macron Viktoria Plzeň 2021-2022 away shirt is navy blue with a crewneck collar with red trim.

Two vertical stripes – one red, one blue – are positioned on the left side, with both featuring an embossed, worn effect.

Viktoria Plzeň Macron 2021-22 Third Shirt

Check out Macron's Viktoria Plzeň 21-22 third football shirt below.

The Macron Viktoria Plzeň 2021-2022 third jersey is white with a fine pattern. The 110 FCVP anniversary logo is also present.

Viktoria Pilzen 21-22 Keeper Kits

Available since July 19, the Macron Viktoria Plzeň 2021-2022 home, away and third jerseys retail at 1.599 Czech Koruna (equals 62 Euro).

Viktoria Plzen 20-21 Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Released

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