Exclusive: Watford 21-22 Premier League Home, Away, Third & Goalkeeper Kits Leaked

Update: We can leak the Watford 21-22 goalkeeper jerseys. They do not feature a main sponsor. The new Watford 2021-2022 jerseys are set to be launched soon. Thanks to Martim.

Watford gained promotion to the 2021-22 Premier League. We expect the Watford 21-22 shirts to be released soon. Let us take a compact look at them.

Our exclusive leaked images do not reveal which sponsor will be on the front of the Watford 2021-22 kits. Watford's three-year deal with Sportsbet.Io usually should run until 2022.

Watford 21-22 Premier League Kits

Just as in the previous seasons, the new Watford 21-22 Premier League kits introduce bespoke looks. They are all based on the same template.

Watford's 21-22 home kit has modern hoops, the away is red with a marble graphic, while the third is green and gold.

Watford FC 2021-2022 Home Shirt

The Kelme Watford 2021-22 home football shirt boasts a modern look in the club's famous yellow and black colors. The Kelme Watford 2021-2022 shirt is mainly yellow with black horizontal stripes that include a gradient.

Exclusive: Watford 21-22 Premier League Home Kit Leaked

Watford Kelme 2021-2022 Away Shirt

The Kelme Watford 2021-22 away football shirt is red for the first time since 2017-18, when Adidas released a red, white and black Watford away shirt.

Exclusive: Watford 21-22 Premier League Away Kit Leaked

Watford 2021-22 Third Kit

The Kelme Watford 21-22 third football shirt introduces a fresh and modern look for the club. The Kelme Watford 21-22 third jersey combines an emerald green base with gold applications and logos.

Watford 21-22 Premier League Third Kit Leaked

Watford 21-22 Keeper Home & Away Jerseys

The new Watford 21-22 keeper jerseys have fresh turquoise blue / navy colors. They come with a special computer chip like-design on the front.

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