White Kits Are 9-0 In The Knockout Stage

The UEFA Euro 2020 semi-finals are set. There have been no (kit) surprises in the quarter-finals but there is one thing that got social media talking...

UEFA Euro 2020 Knockout Stages - All Teams Wearing White Advanced To Next Round

In the UEFA Euro 2020 quarter-final, all teams wearing white advanced to the next round - Spain, Italy, Denmark, and England.

Three matches did not feature a white teamWhat adds to this exceptional nature is is that also in the Round on 16 all teams wearing white won in the 90 minutes or at least in the penalty shoot-out.

Three matches in the UEFA Euro 2020 Round of 16 did not feature a white kit - Italy vs Austria Belgium vs Portugal and Sweden vs Ukraine.

Spain and England will wear white in the semi-finals

UEFA Euro 2020 Semi-Finals & Final - Kit Choices

In the UEFA Euro 2020 semi-finals, it will be Spain and England that are set to wear white kits. In the final, England / Denmark will wear white as away teams.

Euro 2020 Kit Overview - All 24 Team's Kits

Coincidence? What do you think of white kits being so successful in the UEFA Euro 2020? Comment below.