Update: Real Madrid 22-23 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked - Confirms Leaked White/Purple Home Kit Colors

Update: We've been made aware that the leaked images actually show the 2022-23 Real Madrid pre-match shirt.

The white, black and purple colorway of the Real Madrid 22-23 pre-match jersey confirms our previous leak of the colorway of the club's 2022-2023 home kit.

Made by Adidas, the Real Madrid 22-23 pre-match top will be released together with said home kit and will be worn for the warm-up before La Liga games.

LEAKED: Real Madrid 22-23 Home Kit To Be White/Black/Purple

Real Madrid 22-23 Pre-Match Shirt

Check out adidas' Real Madrid 2022-23 pre-match jersey below.

Mainly white, the adidas Real Madrid 2022-2023 pre-match football shirt combines this clean base with a purple graphic print of fading 'M's on the front, sleeves and back. This 'M' shaped graphic print runs from the top right to the bottom left.

The colorway of the pre-match top is very similar to that of the 22-23 home kit.

Real Madrid 22-23 home kit colorway

A black adidas logo sits on the right chest of the adidas Real Madrid 2023-23 pre-match shirt, while Real Madrid employs their regular, full-color version of the club's emblem on the opposite side. The crew-neck collar is white.

The adidas Real Madrid 2022 pre-match football shirt will be available from May / June 2022 and will cost you €60.

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Made by adidas. What do you think about Real Madrid's 22-23 pre-match shirt? Comment below.