Adidas to Release More Teamgeist 2022 Jerseys

Adidas are set to release more 'Teamgeist' jerseys this year, taking inspiration from the iconic 2006 World Cup template.

Following our leak of the Arsenal 2022 Teamgeist shirt, we have obtained more info about the range, including the fact that Adidas will launch Teamgeist shirts for teams outside the 'elite' tier.

Adidas to Bring Back Iconic 2006 World Cup Template for 2022 Club Collections

So far we've been able to confirm Teamgeist shirts will be released for Ajax, Boca Juniors and Celtic, although there could be even more teams that receive them. Apart from that, all of Adidas' elite range are confirmed to get Teamgeist kits - Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Ajax is the most interesting case out of the three as both Boca and Celtic were sponsored by Nike when the Teamgeist template was around. Ajax curiously used two alternative templates in the 2006-07, while all we've heard so far suggests that all 2022 Teamgeist shirts will be based on the main template - see Arsenal for reference.

So far we're not able to confirm anything about the design of either jersey, but we're trying our best to bring you full leaks as soon as possible.

According to the latest info available to us, the Adidas Teamgeist 2022 jerseys will drop on November 1st, 2021, although this can always change a bit.

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