De Bruyne & Havertz Wear Special Nike Phantom GT Boots For Good Cause

Manchester City's Kevin De Bruyne and Chelsea's Kai Havertz have been spotted with special pairs of the Nike Phantom GT soccer cleats. Thanks to @futeboxing.

While it is not 100% known why De Bruyne laced up in special Nike Phantom GT football boots in training, Havertz announced that he has done so to support the German Red Cross after the flooding catastrophe in Germany.

I was so shocked when I first saw the images, it’s difficult to comprehend what the people must be going through right now, but I knew I had to do something. I’m in a hugely privileged situation and I hope by starting this campaign supporting the German Red Cross I can inspire others to give what they can to help.

Nike Phantom GT 'Kevin De Bruyne' & 'Kai Havertz' Cleats

The custom Nike Phantom GT De Bruyne boots are black and white, while the Kai Havertz cleats are white, red, and black. Havertz's cleats are inspired by the German Red Cross.

Both boots are based on the old-gen Nike Phantom GTHavertz's boots feature the German flag and the flag of Haverz's home region North Rhine-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen).

What is strange is that both cleats are based on the first generation Phantom GT. But this is also only logical as the next-generation Nike Phantom GT 2 cleat is not available for customization yet.

Havertz donated 200,000 Euro & 100 pairs of his one-off bootsKai Havertz has developed a one-off design for 100 pairs of the Nike Phantom GT 2 boots to help raise money and awareness in the hope of rebuilding the communities which have been destroyed. Havertz also donated 200,000 euros to the German Red Cross.

Do you like the custom boots worn by De Bruyne & Kai Havertz? Comment below, and donate for Red Cross.