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Napoli Teams Wear Kits From 2 Different Brands In 21-22 Season

Update: Most of Napoli's youth teams are not wearing EA7 kits in the 2021-2022 season. Instead, they are wearing Legea kits... Only Napoli's first team and the Primavera (U19) are wearing the EA7 kits.

There are no Kids' sizes of Napoli's EA7 kits available

The reason for this could be that Napoli are not able / have not produced EA7 kits in youth sizes yet. The club copied the Kappa template for the EA7 kits - Napoli's EA7 jerseys are also not sold in youth sizes yet.

EA7 SSC Napoli 21-22 Kit

Napoli's youth EA7 kit is the same as the Men's shirt, just with the sleeve badge of the Campionato Primavera 1.

Legea SSC Napoli 21-22 Youth Kit

The Legea Napoli youth kit has a clean look on sky blue and white.

Legea Napoli 21-22 "Youth" Kits Revealed

Before the start of this season Napoli joined EA7 (Emporio Armani) from Kappa. However, only the first team and Napoli Primavera get equipment made by EA7 as the club's youth teams wear jerseys and training equipment made by Legea.

Napoli 21-22 "Youth" Home Shirt

Check out Legea's Napoli 21-22 home jersey below.

Mainly sky blue, the Legea Napoli 2021-22 shirt combines this clean base with white accents such as the rear part of the V-neck or one stripe on each side.

The sponsor logos on the chest of the Legea Napoli 21-22 shirt are red (Lete) respectively white (MSC), while Napoli's crest sits on the left chest in its regular form.

Napoli 21-22 "Youth" Away / Training Shirt

Check out Legea's Napoli 21-22 away shirt below.

Mainly navy blue / black, the Legea Napoli 21-22 away jersey features several white wavy lines on the sides, while a crew-neck collar with white trim adds to the appearance.

What do you think about the Napoli home and away kits made by Legea? Comment below.