Outstanding Juventus 2022 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

We can give you an exclusive first look at the outstanding adidas Juventus 2022 pre-match football shirt.
It will be released in time for the second half of the 2021-22 season.

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Juventus 2022 Pre-Match Football Shirt

This is the Juventus 2022 pre-match football shirt, made by adidas.

Introducing an outrageous look, the adidas Juventus 2022 pre-match shirt combines turquoise, orange and pink through the means of a horizontal zig-zag look that carries over to the sleeves and back.

Each part of the zig-zag look is separated by a black border, while the logos on the chest are white. A simple black crew-neck collar completes the experimental approach.

Long Sleeve Winter Version

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