Not Destroyed, But Roma's 21-22 Away Kit New Balance's Template Sleeve Cuffs Do Not Make Sense

Update: Many people noted that destroyed is too harsh here. We can not deny it and therefore put it in a citation (we are still not happy with it but our first anger subside). All agree that it have looked better if there was no extra NB cuff. More appropriate wording for the headline would have been downgraded/impaired.

AS Roma today unveiled the club’s New Balance away kit for the 2021-22 season. It was well-received by people at first glance. However, after seeing more images of it, many were angry at New Balance, including us.

New Balance Uses Unfitting Sleeve Cuffs Template For Roma 21-22 Away Kit

Roma's 2021-2022 away jersey reinterprets a classic design from the Giallorossi’s illustrious history - the 1978-79 away kit.

The all-white design features contrast ribboning on the cuffs and reverse collar in yellow, red, and orange - it looks great from far.

What makes it bad is that the sleeve cuffs are actually four parts - this is because it is based on the streamlined NB template of the 21-22 season. The tri-color comes with an extra fourth part - the NB Wings sleeve cuffs that are part of every New Balance 2021-22 kit.

The tri-color looks as it should on the backOn the back of the collar, the tri-color design looks like it should be, without an extra fourth element.

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AS Roma 21-22 Away Kit Revealed

What do you think of New Balance having the same sleeve cuffs for all teams? Should they have ditched them for the Roma 21-22 away kit? Comment below.