Russia Wear "Neutral Kits" At Beach Soccer World Cup - Preview of Qatar 2022?

A while ago we reported on of the Russian national team having to wear "neutral" kits at the 2022 World Cup, if they manage to qualify.

Now we've gotten a closer look at what such kits could end up looking like, thanks to our follower Rodrigo, who informed us that the Russian team at the 2021 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, hosted by Russia, was wearing such a design.

Making their tournament debut with a 5-4 win over the US on August 19th, 2021, the Russia national beach soccer team wore a custom version of the 2020 home kit.

Neutral Russia 2021 Home Kit

Identical to the standard 2020 home kit by Adidas, the kit worn by the Russian team at the 2021 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup comes with a "Наши парни" (Our Guys) text in place of the Russian Football Union logo.

Russia 2020-21 Home Kit Released + Away Kit Leaked - New Home Kit After 'Serbia Flag' Controversy

This logo appears on all apparel worn by the team and coaching stuff at the tournament, due to Russia being forced to wear neutral jerseys.

CAS confirmed in December that the Russian name, flag and anthem would be banned from the next summer and winter Olympics as well as the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Russia Forced to Wear Neutral Kits at 2022 World Cup - If They Qualify

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