2021-22 Kits With Sleeve Sponsor As Main Sponsor

What if clubs had their sleeve sponsor as their main sponsor. Famous kit retailer Classic Football Shirts have imagined how they would look.

2021-22 Kits With Sleeve Sponsor as Main Sponsor

The concepts reveal that many of the sleeve sponsors are better fitting than the club's actual front-of-shirt sponsors. For example, Inter's kits look much more admirable with DigitalBits instead of "$INTER Fan Token" on the front, and Napoli's is so much better without Lete (which is almost always in red).

Of course, none of these kits will be ever available to buy, so all this just shows off what could have been.

Inter x DigitalBits

Manchester United x Kohler

Liverpool x Expedia

Leicester City x Bia Saigon

Napoli x Amazon

Leeds x Boxt

Newcastle x Kayak

Southampton x Virgin Media

Everton x Angry Birds (no longer partnered)

Dortmund x Opel

Watford x Dogecoin

Which of these kit x sponsor combos is your favorite? Comment below.