Adidas F50 Ghosted Adizero 2014 World Cup Boots Remake Leaked - Mo Salah Signature Boots?

Update: Adidas will release the first-ever signature boots for Mo Salah next year, called the Adidas X Speedflow Mo Salah "Prepare for Battle". The name as well as the leaked colorway - White, Metallic Gold / Scarlet (red), make us think that they are the previously leaked 2014 World Cup remakes.

Please note: This is not 100% confirmed as of now but the name (2014: Battle Pack, 2022: Prepare for Battle), as well as the colorway, seem to match the leak. The fact that black is missing from the colors should not be overstated as that can often be the case with Adidas.

It's also worth noting that a clothing collection for Salah, who's arguably in the form of this life, is on the way in early 2022, coinciding with the 2022 Africa Cup of Nations.

Adidas Mo Salah 2022 Collection Leaked

Update: Our follower Mohammed has shared a new draft of the upcoming Adidas F50 Ghosted '2014 remake' boots. Set to be launched in the coming weeks, we now believe these to be the F50 Ghosted 'Legends' we posted about before - mostly due to the colorway closely matching those of the other two included cleats.

Adidas are set to launch a remake of the 2014 World Cup F50 'Battle Pack' boots later this year.

Adidas Adizero F50 2014 World Cup Battle Pack Boot Released

Adidas F50 Ghosted Adizero - White / Black / Gold / Red

Check out the new Adidas F50 Ghosted soccer cleats in white / black / gold below.

Closely following the design of the inspiration, Adidas' new F50 Ghosted Adizero football boots have an upper that's split between black and white.

The lateral 3 Stripes are golden with a black outline, rather than the original's red-yellow-red. Completing the look, the sole plate of Adidas' 'White / Black / Gold' F50 Ghosted Adizero football shoes is white with red detailing.

Adidas F50 Ghosted Adizero - Features

  • Regular fit
  • Adaptable lacing system
  • HybridTouch synthetic upper
  • Limited-collection football boots
  • Speedframe outsole with Carbitex carbon-fibre insert
  • Price: 250 USD (EUR 220, GBP 180)
  • Colorway: White / Black / Gold

The new F50 Ghosted football shoes from Adidas are available for 250 USD (EUR 220, GBP 180).

2014 boots

Adidas 2014 World Cup Battle Pack Released

We expect the new F50 Ghosted Adizero soccer cleats from Adidas to be launched towards the end of the year.

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