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Adidas MLS 2021 Kick Childhood Cancer Pre-Match Jerseys Released

All MLS teams will wear a special pre-match jersey to promote awareness for childhood cancer.

In partnership with MLS Clubs, players, coaches, staff, and fans, the Kick Childhood Cancer campaign aims to raise funds for Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Foundation, and provide comfort and inspiration to the patients and families within the pediatric cancer community.

MLS September 2021 Pre-Match Jersey - Kick Childhood Cancer

A bold look, the MLS 2021 Kick Childhood Cancer jersey boasts a unique yellow graffiti-inspired design on a white base.

The letters COG (Children’s Oncology Group Foundation) and KCK (Kick Childhood Cancer) as well as the number 8 (it is the eighth year of the initiative) made up the pattern.

The Adidas MLS 2021 Kick Childhood Cancer Top retails at a price of 60 USD.

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