Juventus 21-22 Third Kit Voted Worst Kit Of August 2021

Update: The Juventus Adidas 21-22 third kit has been voted the worst jersey of August 2021, ahead of Manchester City's and Nottingham's third jerseys. Juventus got almost half of the 1,933 votes (45.8% - 885 votes)

Juventus (Third), Manchester City (Third) & Nottingham (Third) Voted Worst Kit Of August 2021

August 2021 did not only saw the release of many great shirts. So, just as in previous months, we again not only let you decide which was the best but also which was the worst kit of the month.

Note: The Bayern 21-22 third kit is very controversial, both in the wider kit and football community and within our team. We therefore decided to add it as one of the options for this one as well as the "Best football kit" vote for the month.

Frankfurt and Salzburg released 100% Nike teamwear European kits

August 2021 - Worst Kit Of The Month

For the final release phase, several clubs disappointed us with their releases. Two teams that have to be mentioned here are FC (Red Bull) Salzburg and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Both Frankfurt and Salzburg released special European kits. However, while we like the idea of having special kits for European nights, we do not like that both teams launched standard Nike teamwear jerseys with just their logos on them as bespoke elements.

We were also heavily disappointed by the EA7 Napoli kits. The Puma 21-22 third kits were the shirts that caused people getting mad.

We pre-selected nine kits for you to vote on.

August 2021 Kit of The Month - Vote Now

Which team released the worst kit in August? Comment below.