Australian Football Merges All Leagues in A-Leagues Brand

Australian football has revealed its new identity, with the men’s, women’s, and youth leagues brought together under a unified “A-Leagues” banner.

Australian Football Launches Unified Branding For All Leagues

From now on, the separate competitions will be referred to as A-League Men (formerly known as the A-League), A-League Women (formerly known as the W-League), and A-League Youth (formerly known as the National Youth League and Y-League).

It’s not men’s football, or women’s football, it’s just football

The reveal of the new brand is the latest in a series of announcements since the A-Leagues took over the running of the professional game in December 2020, including: the expansion of the women’s league by three teams in two years.

As part of the change, the A-Leagues will move to a unified social media channel for men’s and women’s football on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok in the coming months and will re-launch a new A-Leagues website.

Danny Townsend, Managing Director, said the new A-Leagues brand has a simple idea at its core.

“It’s not men’s football, or women’s football, it’s just football,” he said. “We’re committed to growing the game in Australia - for everyone. That means delivering a world-class experience on and off the pitch and inspiring the next-generation of A-Leagues superstars to fulfil their highest potential. This is just the beginning of our ambitious, long-term vision for the growth of football in Australia.”

Ant Hearne, Chief Commercial Officer, said: “We know our fans live and breathe football so we want to create the best possible experience in the stadium, at home, on the move, through gaming or fashion or food - however fans want to connect with football, we will deliver.”

The new A-Leagues 2021-22 season will kick off on November 19 for A-League Men and December 3 for A-League Women.

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