FC Barcelona 22-23 Away Pre-Match Shirt Leaked - Inspired by the 1992 Olympic Medals

The Nike Barcelona 2022-2023 away pre-match jersey was leaked today. It will be worn for the warmup before games in which the away kit is worn. Pictures via Ofoball.

FC Barcelona 22-23 Away Kit Leaked

FC Barcelona 2022-23 Away Pre-Match Jersey

This is the new Nike Barcelona away pre-match jersey for 22-23.

A clean design the Nike FC Barcelona 2022-23 away pre-match shirt reverts the color scheme of the away kit - it's predominantly dark blue with gold / beige logos, including a monochrome club badge.

The standout feature of the Nike Barcelona 2022-2023 away pre-match jersey is a colorful sash that includes red, teal, navy, yellow and blue. And although it's not exactly identical, it's quite similar to the ribbon used on the Barcelona 1992 Olympic medals - pictured above is Russian swimmer Yevgeny Sadovyi.

It makes sense as the gold color of the 2022-23 away jersey will be marketed as being inspired by the gold medals to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Olympics, according to SPORT.

Made by Nike. What's your opinion on Barcelona's away pre-match shirt? Comment below.