FIFA Kit Creator Launches Brand Icons & Authentic Badges

Update: FIFA Kit Creator launched the authenticity badges this Saturday. It includes various brand logos and authenticity badges to make your kits even more accurate to the real thing. As with most other logo presets, this is exclusive to Plus members. Create your won kit now.

FIFA Kit Creator 1.0 Launched

The new FIFA Kit Creator 1.0 version (first non-beta version) brings a lot of other new features as well, including improved player printing and an improved UI / design.

FIFA Kit Creator is set to release another new feature that further enhances the soccer jersey creator tool.

Create your own kit using FIFA Kit Creator

FIFA Kit Creator is a web-based tool that allows you to create custom football kits that can be also used in FIFA 21 (PC version).

FIFA Kit Creator Brand Icons

Called "Brand Icon", the new FIFA Kit Creator addition brings various different brand authenticity badges to the tool.

For example, it includes the Adidas Aeroready and Heat.Rdy logos as well as various Nike authenticity badges from the past few years.

The Brand Icons add to the hundreds of other logos that are already available such as club crests (including monochromatic and 3D editions) and sleeve badges.

User-made Designs

For further news on features and the best user-made designs, follow FIFA Kit Creator on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Check out FIFA Kit Creator now

'Brand Icon' is "Coming Soon" to FIFA Kit Creator, likely for Premium Users only.

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