Kits In FIFA 22 - Astonishing Quality, Only a Few Bad Elements

Since this week, it is possible to play FIFA 22 in early access for everyone. This gives us a look at all the kits in FIFA 22. Thanks to Moose Factory for the pictures.

Football Kits in FIFA 22

For FIFA 22, EA Sports created an improved lighting system to make the game look more realistic, while the resolution & general quality of their kits is the same as in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 kits have the same quality as in FIFA 21Some kits in FIFA 22 look very impressive - for example, Inter's 21-22 home kit does not only feature high-res, detailed logos but also the correct Vaporknit template with the knit pattern.

The Scudetto on the Inter kits includes a subtle Inter crest, just as is the case in reality.

Other kits are not as detailed as Inter's jersey. For example, the Benfica 21-22 third kit lacks all the 3D effects of the brandings and logos.

FIFA 22 also includes all the league badges. Thanks to the Champions League licenses, FIFA 22 also has the updated Champions League visual identity & sleeve badges

If you are playing FIFA 22 in early access, you will also notice that the kits are not up-to-date yet. FIFA 22 lacks Inter's sponsors, the latest kit releases, and other recent changes. EA Sports will certainly release a day-one update to fix it.

FIFA 22 likely has generic keeper kits for small teams againFIFA 22 does also not have an iridescent effect for logos that has become a trend recently.

FIFA 22 Features Fake Effect For Iridescent Barcelona 21-22 Away Kit

We also expect FIFA 22 to have generic generated goalkeeper kits for many small teams again.

FIFA 22 Kits - Pros

  • Very detailed for many teams
  • Hundreds Of Licensed teams
  • Correct sleeve badges & other licenses
  • Improved lighting

Kits in FIFA 22

  • No classic jerseys
  • Some kits are not as detailed as others
  • Kits not up-to-date yet
  • Generic keeper kits for smaller teams

A great addition to FIFA 22 is classic boots, in case you missed it.

Which other kit features would you like to see in FIFA 22? Would you like EA Sports to include more classic kits?