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FIFA 22 & eFootball 2022 Feature Fake Effect For Iridescent Barcelona 21-22 Away Kit

Update: Just as FIFA, eFootball 2022 features a fake effect for the iridescent logos of the FC Barcelona 21-22 away kit. It also has a wrong knit pattern as seen on a Nike prototype.

FC Barcelona 21-22 Away Jersey In eFootball 2022 Also Lacks Iridescent Effect

The new FC Barcelona 2021-22 away kit in FIFA 22 is lacking an important feature of the real-life kit.

FC Barcelona 21-22 Away Jersey In FIFA 22 Lacks Iridescent Effect

The Nike FC Barcelona 21-22 away kit lacks the iridescent logo effect in FIFA 22. Instead, it just comes with an invariable color gradient to replicate the iridescent design.

Apart from the bad iridescent logos, Barça's kit is well implemented for FIFA.

All other kits with iridescent logos face the same problem as Barcelona's away kit, including St. Pauli's 21-22 third kit.

2021-22: Season of Iridescent Kits - England Leaked

FIFA 22 is available to play in early access since 22 September 2022.

Should EA Sports have added an iridescent effect for the game? Comment below.