Mainz 22-23 Away Kit Announced

Update: Mainz today announced the winner of the 22-23 away kit vote. The white/red design won against the white/gold one.

Mainz 22-23 Away Kit - Winning Design

Mainz 22-23 Away Kit Vote - 2 Options Revealed

Bundesliga side Mainz will let the club members decide on the final design of the 2022-23 away kit.

FSV Mainz 05 2022-23 Away Jersey

This is the first of the two proposed FSV Mainz 05 2022-23 away jerseys, made by Kappa.

The first option for the Kappa Mainz 22-23 away jersey combines a white base with gold-metallic accents and trim, with a the club's trademark pattern applied to the front panel in a subtle manners.

Also mainly white, the second option for the Kappa FSV Mainz 05 2022-23 away football shirt pairs the light base with red as secondary color. The club graphic is also used on the front, albeit at a much larger scale.

It looks like the two pictures were only sent out to club members so far and it's now up to them to decide which option the club should go with.

Made by Kappa. What do you think about FSV Mainz 05's away shirt? Comment below.