USA 2022 World Cup Kits To Feature NFL-Like Sleeves?

For the 2022 World Cup, Nike could introduce a new logo style, at least new for football (soccer).

Nike USA 2022 World Cup Pre-Match Jersey Features Swoosh On Both Sleeves

USA 2022 World Cup Pre-Match Shirt

The 2022 Nike USA jersey could feature the famous Swoosh not on the front but on the sleeves. This style is visible on leaked images of the USA 2022 pre-match kits.

The Swoosh on the right sleeve is mirrored

USA 2022 World Cup Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

The two Swoosh design is Nike's standard in American Football. All MLS jerseys feature one Swoosh on each sleeve (a mirrored Swoosh on the right sleeve and a regular Swoosh on the left sleeve).

It is not known if the USA 2022 World Cup home and away jerseys will utilize the same Swooshes.

What is noteworthy is that the PSG 21-22 third kit is also set to have one Swoosh on each sleeve.

Stay tuned as we expect more to be leaked about the Nike 2022 World Cup jerseys in the coming weeks.

Would you like Nike's USA 2022 World Cup jerseys to feature the "NFL Swooshes"? Comment below.