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All-New Anthem Jackets In FIFA 22 & eFootball 2022 Are Very Generic

For the first time ever, FIFA and eFootball (formerly PES) include anthem jackets. However, both publishers did not put much effort into it.

FIFA 22 & eFootball 2022 Feature Anthem Jackets For First Time In History

Both FIFA 22 and eFootball 2022 feature only generic anthem jackets. This means that they have only custom colors and are therefore exactly the same for many teams.


There are some smaller differences between anthem jackets in FIFA 22 and eFootball 2022, however.

In FIFA 22, anthem jackets are only used in the Career Mode

In FIFA 22, they are only used in the Career Mode and only by one of the two teams.

In eFootball 2022, they are used in all matches and by both teams.

FIFA 22 Anthem Jackets

eFootball 2022 Anthem Jackets

Future generations might bring us bespoke anthem jackets

However, with it being the first year of the future, we think (and hope) that future generations of the video titles will have authentic anthem jackets.

What do you think about FIFA and eFootball not including authentic anthem jackets? Do you think they will be added in future updates/generations? Comment below.