All-New Gamba Osaka Logo Released - Juventus Style

Japanese club Gamba Osaka revealed an all-new logo today. It will be used from the 2022 season.

Gamba Osaka was founded in 1980. It is a Japanese professional football club based in Suita, Osaka Prefecture. The club plays in the J1 League.

New Gamba Osaka 2021 Logo

The new Gamba Osaka emblem features the acronym "G" for Gamba Osaka, which is made up of three elements: flame, heart, and goal.

Gamba Osaka want to become Japan's leading sports experience brand

Flame (lower part): The shape of the flame rising from the bottom of the emblem symbolizes the appearance of Gamba Osaka, which is a blue flame that creates enthusiasm.

Heart (whole element): The blue line, which draws a heart shape from the center of the emblem, expresses the will to become the center of sports culture of fans, supporters, regions, and Japan with a passion that continues to burn in the heart.

Goal (upper part): The shape of the goal drawn on the upper part of the emblem shows a strong determination to continue to challenge sincerely toward the glory (goal).

Gamba Osaka's strong belief that the universal and contemporary design, which is composed of extremely thimble and solid elements, will create new experiences beyond the soccer field and become Japan's leading sports experience brand.

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