Dani Alves Shows Off His Impressive Boot Collection

Brazil international Dani Alves has posted a picture of him with the boots he has worn in his career that started 20 years - and it is impressive.

During his professional career that started in 2001, Dani Alves has played for six different clubs - Bahia (2001-2002), Sevilla (2002–2008), Barcelona (2008–2016), Juventus (2016–2017), Paris Saint-Germain (2017–2019) and São Paulo (2019–2021)

Dani Alves Boot History

In his career, Dani Alves did not lace up in soccer cleats from a single brand but has been wearing boots from Adidas and Nike.

In 2001, Dani Alves started his career as a professional wearing the Nike Mercurial football boots before switching to the Total 90 in 2003. In 2004, he laced up in Adidas boots but returned to Nike and the Mercurial in 2005 again.

In 2011, Dani Alves signed with Adidas. In the first year with the Three Stripes, he wore the Adidas F50 Adizero, while he became a face of the Adidas Nitrocharge in 2013.

Dani Alves has switched boot brands five times in his career so farIn 2015, and after four years with the German brand, the Brazilian player decided not to re-sign with the Three Stripes. Instead, he reverted to Nike in 2015 for the UEFA Champions League final.

In 2019, Dani Alves again switched brands - back to Adidas. Since then, he has been wearing the Adidas X football boots.

During his career and the time between brand switches, Dani Alves has been often without a valid boot contract. He therefore often laced up in blacked-out boots.

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