Did BT Sport Leak a New Manchester United Logo?

The BT Sport Football app features a “different” Man Utd crest on their app, it has been spotted by famous designer Angelo Trofa. Is it an unreleased new Manchester United logo?

BT Sport Mistankely Use Manchester United Concept Logo

The logo on the BT Sport Football app looks official at first glance. It is based on the current logo with a few changes for a more modern look.

The concept logo was created in 2013

However, after doing research, we can confirm that it is NOT the new Manchester United logo. Instead, it is a concept made some years ago.

In 2013, Design Crowd launched an (unofficial) Manchester United Logo Contest. One of the entries is identical to the logo on the BT Sport App - the pay-TV sports channel have mistaken the concept logo with the official crest.

The Manchester United logo concept has been created by designer B. His aim was to not totally change the logo but just to create an "upgraded one".

Designer comment: The Manchester United logo is one of soccer's most recognized logos, therefore, I tried to keep most components similar. Perhaps fans do not really want a totally new logo, so instead, I have just modified and created an 'upgraded' one.

Other concept logos of the contest from 2013

Oddly, another concept logo of the contest has been mistakenly used in a Manchester United trailer for a Deadpool movie in 2016.

Do you like the Manchester United logo concept? Are you also surprised to see this happening? Share your thoughts in the comments below.