Feyenoord Kit Modified Twice to Comply with UEFA Europa Conference League Kit Rules

Feyenoord's kit in the Europa Conference League win over Slavia Praha last week was curious in more than one way. As pointed out by our follower Samarony, it was modified not one, but two times in order to comply with UEFA's kit regulations.

Whereas the regular Feyenoord home shirt features a halved design on both the front and back, the one worn in the UECL featured a large white space for the numbers.

But what's interesting is that the red bits on the back appear to have been added as a sublimation and that the initial plan was to use a kit with a plain white back. As commented by Samarony, this can be seen by the fact that the red parts do not reach the seams on the sleeves and collar.

All of this due to UEFA's regulations, which state that kits must have a clear background for numbers (unless the two colors used are visually very similar) but also that kits with stripes or halves on the front must not have a plain back.

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