Kits That Would Be Banned In Serie A From 22-23 Season

From the 2022-2023 season, green kits will be banned in Italian Serie A to prevent problems with the virtual ad system used for television. Which teams and kits will be affected?

Serie A Ban Green Kits From 2022-23 - Home Kits Excluded

The reason for green kits being banned is the way the virtual TV ad boards are generated - Green kits may cause a color clashing with the grass on the pitch that may let players with green kits ahead of the virtual ad disappear.

Serie A Green Kits Ban - Which Kits Will Be Affected & Which Won't

The Serie A Green Kits Ban has some important exclusions - home and goalkeeper kits are not affected.

Will teal be allowed?Serie A will not allow kits that have green as a dominant or important color, while green accents should be permitted.

It is also reported that if a kit incorporates three different colors, a non-green shade must be applied as the dominant color.

Home and keeper kits are excluded

We have taken classic Serie A kits and tried to determine which would be banned and which would be allowed. For example, U.S. Sassuolo Calcio will still be allowed to wear a green/black striped kit, while other teams won't be able to have such as kit as away/third jersey.

Serie A Ban of Green Kits - Facts

  • Effective from 2022-23 season
  • Banned because of virtual ad TV technology
  • Home & goalkeeper kits excluded
  • Green still allowed as accent / secondary color

What is not yet certain is where exactly the "green shade begins". The future will show if teal kits will be allowed, for example.

What do you think of Serie A's ban on green kits? Do you also look forward to seeing all the Serie A 2022-23 kits? Comment below.