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Serie A Ban Green Kits From 2022-23 - Home Kits Excluded

Update: La Gazetta reports that the new rule of the Serie A excludes the team's home kits. This means that Italian club Avellino (whose home shirt is green) and of course Sassuolo won't have to change the kit.

Avellino won't have to change their traditional kit

We could imagine that we will still see Serie A teams wearing greenish kits (e.g. of a green color that stands in contrast to the pitch). The main problem is those green shirts (also fluo-green?) that disrupt the technology of virtual overlays such as ads.

Original story - July 14: In a surprise move, Serie A earlier today revealed that they would be banning green kits from the start of the 2022-23 season.

The rule change was announced as the new competition regulations were released today, but will only go into effect for the season after next.

Its part of the colors section, which also states that teams should have one predominantly dark and one predominantly light shirt.

"From the 2022-2023 season it is forbidden to use green game uniforms for outfield players," the rules state, highlighting that fact that goalkeepers will not be affected.

While no further explanation was given by the league, it's being reported that the change was made as a response to TV company's complaining about green kits potentially becoming "invisible" against the color of the pitch.

It remains to be seen how this will affect Sassuolo, who traditionally wear green-and-black kits - we believe that the club will have to adopt a predominantly black design with stripes just on the front. Other than that, green kits are not all to usual in the league apart from a few alternative kits in recent years, such as Lazio's 20-21 away.

Sassuolo 21-22 Home Kit Leaked

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