Liverpool 22-23 Goalkeeper Home Kit Released + Away & Third Leaked

Update: Today, we can show you another Liverpool 2022-23 goalkeeper jersey (yellow). It remains to be seen if Liverpool will also get a anthracite/black goalkeeper kit as initially intended by Nike as away keeper shirt. Thanks to @KB2X.

Update: Liverpool's 22-23 goalkeeper home kit was revealed today. It is not available to buy yet. Of course, it is made by Nike and will be worn in the 22-23 Premier League.

Liverpool 22-23 Home Kit Released

Liverpool 22-23 Goalkeeper Shirt

Check out Nike's Liverpool FC 2022-2023 goalkeeper shirt below.

The Nike Liverpool 22-23 goalkeeper shirt has a bold yet interesting color combo - it combines two shades of purple with black logos.

Officially, the colors are "Lilac/Space Purple/Black".

21-22 vs 22-23

Design-wise, the Nike Liverpool 2022-23 goalkeeper football shirt uses the new Nike 2022 goalkeeper template.

Nike 2022 World Cup & 22-23 Goalkeeper Kit Template Leaked - Gardien IV

Purple shorts and socks round off the look of the new Liverpool FC 22-23 goalkeeper uniform by Nike.

Liverpool 22-23 Goalkeeper Away Shirt

The new LFC 22-23 keeper home kit was launched in May 2022. The black colorway comes out in July 2022.

Liverpool 22-23 Goalkeeper Third Kit

This is the new Nike Liverpool goalkeeper third shirt for 22-23.

Based on the same template as the other two shirts, the Nike Liverpool 2022-2023 goalkeeper third jersey is mainly light green, while a darker shade of green gets used for a graphic pattern that is reminiscent of a heat map.

Lastly, logos on the Nike Liverpool 2022-23 goalkeeper third shirt are black, including a recoloured black Liverbird on the left chest.

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Made by Nike. Do you like Liverpool FC's goalkeeper kits for 22-23? Comment below.