Rangers 2022 150-Years Anniversary Kit Released

Scottish club Rangers celebrate their 150-years anniversary with a special kit.

Rangers' 2022 150-years anniversary uniform is also called "the Gallant Pioneers kit". It celebrates the club’s 150th anniversary and pays tribute to the four young lads who founded the club in 1872.

Rangers will wear Rangers FC's new 2022 150-years anniversary strip "in a competitive match during the season".

Glasgow Rangers 2022 150-Years Anniversary Jersey

Check out Castore's Rangers FC 2022 150-years anniversary shirt below.

The Castore Glasgow Rangers 2022 150 years football shirt features a classic white design as a homage to the first team photograph in 1877.

The stitched crest on the shirt features the team's first scroll crest. Rangers' 150th-anniversary ribbon which displays "1872" and "2022" has been added underneath the crest.

The shirt features an off-center, buttoned collar which featured on Rangers' first kit within the 1800s.

As an extra special touch, the words “Gallant Pioneers” have been embossed into the fabric.

The Castore Rangers 2022 150-years anniversary jersey is sponsorless.

Castore combines the Rangers 2022 150 years jersey with white shorts and socks.

Rangers 21-22 150-Years Keeper Kit

The goalkeeper jersey is blue. The "soft shade of blue is inspired by bluebells".

The "limited-edition" Glasgow Rangers 2022 150-years anniversary kit retails at a price of 96 Euro.

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