Recreating The Leaked Barcelona 22-23 Home Kit Using FIFA Kit Creator

The new FC Barcelona 2022-23 home kit already got leaked some time ago. We tried to recreate it using FIFA Kit Creator, a smart online tool to create custom football kits.

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FC Barcelona 22-23 Home Kit Recreated In FIFA Kit Creator

To recreate the FC Barcelona 22-23 Home kit in FIFA Kit Creator, we have to take a few steps. First, we chose a modern Nike template. Second, we recreated the three-color striped design on the circled front panel.

For the subtle graphic effect of the stripes, we added the pattern of the Nike 21-22 GK jersey. Then we added the Swoosh and the Barcelona crest - ready.

What is particularly interesting is to play around with the colors or other design elements. We imagined how a Senyera kit and a stealth/Blaugrana would look with the template.

You can see, edit and download our FC Barcelona 22-23 home kit on FIFA Kit Creator Showcase.

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To design your own kit, go to To see hundreds of concept kit of other creators, have a look at FIFA Kit Creator Showcase.

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