The Incredible Story of a Milan Kit of a Boy From South Sudan

Update: The torn Jersey from a boy from Sudan has made its way to the museum of Milan. The jersey is now located in Mondo Milan museum at Casa Milan - the Rossoneri’s HQ in Milan - in a new exhibition dedicated to the educational and social projects implemented by Fondazione Milan.

Jersey of Boy From Sudan Makes It to the Milan Museum

October 2021: Swedish Photographer Gets Worn-Out Milan Kit From Sudanese Boy Who Gets New Jersey in Exchange

Have you ever stopped wearing a football kit or other gear because it had some damages or did not look good anymore? People from some countries and regions do not have that choice.

South Sudan is hit by heavy flooding just one year after the end of the civil war.Danish photographer Jan Grarup visited South Sudan. The Northeast Africa country has been hit by heavy flooding that affected at least 623,000 people since May- just one year after the end of the South Sudanese Civil War.

The Story About a Football Jersey in South Sudan

While visiting South Sudan, the photographer met a boy in his Milan jersey. It was worn out and was stitched together several times.

the photographer bought him a new jersey and got the "destroyed" oneThe South Sudanese boy and Jan Grarup made a deal - the photographer bought him a new jersey and got the "destroyed" one. The remarkable images of the Milan kit are an example of the dedication and willingness of people in hard situations.

The worn-out Milan kit will be framed by the photographer and auctioned to support the important work by UNICEF for children in South Sudan.

The kit will be auctioned off for a good causeIn case you are wondering - the jersey of the boy from South Sudan is a cheap replica. No wonder he "was more than happy and must have thought the Danish photographer was a crazy white dude".

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