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Augsburg and Bielefeld Wear Away Kits at Home - Here's Why

This past weekend, FC Augsburg and Arminia Bielefeld both wore their complete away outfits at home. Neither one of the teams is known for doing this, but they both had their reasons.

FC Augsburg

Image via Twitter

FC Augsburg's main sponsor "WWK" recently celebrated 50 years of "WWK FondsPolice". This product category helped the life insurance company grow to the size it is today.

Augsburg celebrate anniversary of sponsor

To mark this occasion, Augsburg's kits were printed with an altered version of their regular chest sponsor. The one-off "WWK" logo is black instead of the normal green, and includes the words "50 Jahre FondsPolice". Instead of using their regular 2021-22 home shirt, Augsburg opted to use the mainly white away shirt, one that resembles many of the home kits from past seasons in the Bundesliga.

Arminia Bielefeld

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As for Arminia Bielefeld, there is no official reason why the club wore their away shirt at home. It can however be assumed that Bielefeld's opponent Mainz 05 was unable to provide a kit with enough contrast to Arminia's regular home shirt.

All of Mainz's kits clash with Arminia's home

Both the Mainz home and away jerseys feature a large amount of white or very light grey, which clashes with the sizable white sections on Arminia's home shirt. The Mainz third kit is also out of the question, due to it being all-black, therefore it is completely unsuited for wearing against a majority-black Bielefeld shirt

A solution would be for Arminia Bielefeld to wear their all-black away outfit, one that doesn't cause a clash with Mainz's home and away kits. This is exactly what was done in the end. Funnily enough, just a few days earlier, the two teams had already met, but with Mainz playing at home in the DFB-Pokal. The same shirts, shorts and socks were worn as in their Bundesliga match at Bielefeld.

What do you think of Augsburg's special shirt, and could Bielefeld have worn its regular home shirt against Mainz? Comment below.