Best New Stadium In Recent History? New Cambodia Morodok Techo National Stadium Unveiled

In preparation for the upcoming SEA Games 2023, Cambodia has finished its' national stadium, called Morodok Techo.

Cambodia's New Morodok Techo National Stadium

Here are a look at the recently opened stadium.

The Morodok Techo National Stadium situates to the north of Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh and covers 16.22 hectares. It’s part of a new representative district and also the heart of Cambodia’s largest sports complex which has a total area of 77 hectares.

The design resembles the shape of a ship, while their shape is inspired by the welcoming namaste greeting. In terms of height, the two pylons on each end reach 99 metres. The three-tiered auditorium will have a capacity of 60,000, lower than the reported 75,000.

Despite being the national stadium of Cambodia, almost everything about it was controlled by China. Designers, engineers, contractors and funding were all Chinese. Total cost for the project was around $170 million.

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