Good Investment? Manchester United Fan Got Up to 10 of Same Iconic Old Man Utd Kits

Showing true passion for the Red Devil, @PeteManUtdShirt collects every iteration of the club's jersey from 1990.

@PeteManUtdShirt's Extraordinary Classic Manchester United Jerseys Collection

Take a look at the incredible display of Man Utd shirts below.

Pete doesn't just stop at one shirt per season, however. He bought multiple of them. As seen in the picture, for the 90-92 period alone ,he has 7 home, 2 away and 2 third jerseys.

The dedicated collector doesn't mind duplication at all, as he explained:

"Little bit investment, little bit OCD, and mainly a quest to get a better condition of each. These are just the ones I invest in. Have other Man Utd Shirts also. Nearly at the point where I have every home/away/3rd/keeper shirt from 1990."

Some other items in his Manchester United collection that he shows include: 92-94 home, third; 98-99 domestic and European home as well as the iconic green goalkeeper.

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